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Schedule on-demand, certified hair restoration technicians right from your phone through the NeoGrafters™ app. Initially created to support Venus Concept physicians utilizing the NeoGraft® device, the NeoGrafters™ program and app offer an additional opportunity for business growth and optimal clinical efficacy by connecting physicians with skilled, professional technicians, known as NeoGrafters™. With the app, physicians can quickly and easily create a booking request, choose their preferred technicians based on availability, and review all estimated charges, among other features, streamlining business processes while ensuring patients receive the top care.

Who are the NeoGrafters™?

NeoGrafters™ are a group of full-time and some independently contracted medical hair restoration professionals. Utilizing a stringent recruitment and selection process, we ensure all NeoGrafters™ technicians have an average of 10 years of experience and are recertified and reviewed annually. Under the supervision of your clinic’s practicing physician, NeoGrafters™ serve to ensure the highest industry and safety standards are maintained for consistently positive patient experiences and outstanding treatment outcomes. NeoGrafters™ also cover the care and maintenance of your device following treatments, so you can dedicate more time to your patients.

Why physicians love the NeoGrafters™

From consistent and reliable workmanship to business benefits, here are just five reasons why physicians and hair restoration professionals prefer working with the NeoGrafters™ program.


NeoGrafters™ are the only group of technicians requiring annual recertification.


All technicians are fully insured through our comprehensive corporate insurance policy.


Physicians gain access to lead generation and direct patient referrals.


The NeoGrafters™ app allows physicians to pick the team they want, when they want them—always available at their fingertips.


Venus Concept partners using the NeoGraft® hair restoration device can earn discounts and rewards for booking experienced, certified technicians through the NeoGrafters™ service.

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Take the hassle and overhead out of your hair restoration business. Instead of hiring permanent staff or recruiting freelance technicians, book certified hair restoration professionals right from your phone. The NeoGrafters™ app allows you to pick the team you want, when you want them.

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